Chamas or merry-go-rounds are more popular today than ever before. These informal cooperative societies have over the years been used to pool resources and invest in profitable ventures. Statistics done in the country suggest that one in three Kenyans is a Chama member.

Chamas are also known as micro-savings groups are not unique to Kenya but can also be found in the rest of Africa. Kenya has an estimated 300,000 chamas that are managing a total of KSH 300 billion (US$3.4 billion) in assets. Through these groups, members achieve significant growth in their finances and success in business ventures such as land investment projects.

How to join a Chama

Although Chamas vary in terms and conditions, most require an existing member to vouch for new admission, and thereafter new entries are taken through a series of interviews. Once you become a member of a Chama, you will be required to make monthly contributions as stipulated by the terms and conditions.

Why a Chama?

Chamas are a great avenue to pool resources, save, invest, and grow money. It is much easier to venture into land projects as a group rather than as an individual because the pooled resources can be converted to capital for real estate investment.

Benefits of Real Estate investment for Chamas

Chamas can gain remarkable returns on their real estate investment through the following ways:


Despite the immense benefits of creating wealth with Real Estate investment, the majority of Chamas are still skeptical due to misinformation. The first step to fix this as members of the Chama is to begin research into real estate investment. You do not need to be experts however, an understanding of how the market is important. The next step is to find an investment company that specializes in real estate such as Emmaus properries.

Investing in real estate is a simple process, all you have to do is find the right investment company. Contact us today for exclusive Chama package deals and all other related matters on real estate investment.

Usiwachwe nyuma!

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